The Ticket module helps property managers manage building works, the finance team track accounts and the maintenance team track repairs. Tickets can be raised by any member of staff to track work in the office and keep a detailed audit of actions undertaken.

Record and track tickets

Keep track of tasks
Shared to-do list
Audit log

A ticket is any task or activity being performed by a member of staff. This can be an issue reported by a leaseholder, a routine health and safety investigation, the production of company accounts or a planned piece of maintenance work.

Shared repository
All tickets are stored in the cloud so all members of staff have access to information. You no longer have to wait for people to return to the office to know what is happening.

Documents and photos can be attached to tickets to help clarify issues and provide more detailed explanation of works to be performed.

Audit log
Comments added to tickets keep a log of all actions being taken. Each comment is stamped with the user’s details as well as a timestamp, so everyone is aware of who has done what, and when.

Focused work

Allocate work to departments
Assign tickets to staff
Email updates

Diary management
Tickets provide staff with a clear list of work to be performed so that each day everyone knows what tasks are to be completed.

Service level reporting
All tickets are categorised by type and are given a priorty with an action date. It is clear what work needs to be done and when it should be performed. Service level reporting helps identify where there may be issues or works that are over-running.

Ticket assignment
All tickets are assigned to a member of staff. Tickets can be re-assigned when, for example, work is shared between several people or to assist staff who may be busy or absent.

Email updates
When a ticket is updated, the block’s Property Manager, and the member of staff to whom the ticket is assigned, will receive an email update, so they are kept informed of everything that is happening.

Publish updates

Intergration with the Portal
Publish tickets to leaseholders

Portal integration
The ticketing module in our block management software is integrated with the Leaseholder Portal. When a user reports a problem a ticket is automatically created, ready for action by the PM. And the PM will receive an email notification when the problem is reported.

Publish tickets
Any ticket that is raised can be published to leaseholders, an effective way of keeping leaseholders updated on work being performed.

Leaseholder emails
Leaseholders can set their personal preferences to receive email updates regarding tickets; either just for the tickets they have raised or for all tickets relating to their property. This can be very useful for RMC and RTM directors.


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