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    Blocks Online offer a comprehensive and fully integrated suite of web-based block management software with built-in best practice to support Residential Managing Agents and Property Management Companies.

    Through our block management software, Managing Agents can issue service charges, ground rent demands, record leaseholder funds and track expenditure on supplier invoices. All financial information is available for review by your staff through a single and secure website and the comprehensive suite of reports provides financial and property management information, which is beneficial for all Managing Agents to keep on top of their blocks.

    The block management software that we provide is a time-saving way for Managing Agents to ensure that the management of blocks runs as seamlessly as possible. What’s more, the software provides you with the opportunity to win more business, by impressing your clients with streamlined business processes that reduce complexity and increase operational efficiency.

    Despite the comprehensive functionality and multiple services included in our block management, utilising this software is straight forward, reliable and worth investing in. By using our block management system, you can optimise property performance and ultimately improve your cash flow through the comprehensive service charge, budgeting and financial reporting. If you would like more information about our block management software, get in touch with a member of our expert team, today.

    Any Where. Any Time. Any Device

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    Why Use Blocks Online For Block Management?

    Easy Setup

    If you opt for using our block management system, you don’t need to pay for consultants or technical experts to get you up-and-running; simply sign-up and start to enter information about your properties. Within 48 hours you can be ready to start managing your properties online with us. At Blocks Online, we aim to reduce hassle and free-up time for Managing Agents, which is why they utilise our online software designed by property management agent experts.

    User Friendly

    The Blocks Online system has been intuitively designed, so there is no need for expensive training courses. We understand that Managing Agents has strict and busy schedules, which is why signing-up is quick and easy and our service is user-friendly. We have kept our block management system simple to use, yet complex in what it can achieve, so even the busiest Managing Agent can utilise the system.

    Access Anywhere

    Since our block management software is in the cloud, you can access it and manage payments online regardless of where you are situated, providing you have an internet connection. Therefore, if you’re a Managing Agent with multiple branches, you can access all the software with an internet connection, making your job much easier.

    Full Backup

    In the past, you may have used software online which has lost your work or documents. Fortunately, with our software at Blocks Online, there is no need for you to worry. All your critical business data is fully backed-up to the cloud every day, so you don’t have to pay for lots of expensive technical equipment and can rest assured that your data is secure and safe. In the unfortunate case that something was to happen to your office, you could have peace of mind that all your data is backed up with our block management system.


    We have found that many of our competitors will charge their clients when their software is upgraded or encourage them to pay extra for the ‘new version’. At Blocks Online we keep our service simple and all our clients share a single code-set. This means that whenever new block management software is produced, all our clients start to use it; Amazon and eBay work in a similar way.

    Flexible Payments

    With Blocks Online, there are no large up-front costs when you use our block management system. We ensure that you don’t have to pay for an expensive licence or for lots of new technical kit. We keep payments simple and flexible, like our management software, so you can pay on a month-by-month basis and only pay for the service that you use.

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