At Blocks Online we understand that there are a lot of activities to be undertaken when you run a property management company. So we offer a range of additional business services, as well as our block management software, to help reduce your workload.

    What services does Blocks Online provide?

    Blocks Online provides a range of Business services to reduce the time you spend on your back-office functions; giving you more time to focus on maintaining your blocks and liaising with your customers.

    We offer a number of flexible services to support your business or we can tailor our service to meet your unique requirements.

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    It is often surprising how much time it takes to print demands and stuff them in envelopes … and it uses valuable resources that could be talking to clients.

    Blocks Online can take this work away from you. You simply choose the option to send your demands to us and we will arrange for them to be printed, stuffed into envelopes and posted.


    Is your office groaning under the weight of paper? Do invoices get lost? Do you spend a lot of time passing paper from one person to the next?

    If the answer is Yes, then why not talk to us about our invoice processing service. We can receive your invoices, open your mail, scan the invoices, load them onto the web system and send you emails to let you know what we have done.

    Why consider using our Business Services?

    Lower unit cost

    Blocks Online Business Services has been optimised to manage the high volume of administration tasks required to manage large numbers of flats. By efficiently undertaking these processes, Blocks Online can provide its service in a highly cost efficient fashion.

    Integrated and visible

    When we provide our services we use the same system that you use. Therefore, through the single Blocks Online web-system, you can see what we have done as soon as we have completed a task.

    Flexible for Growth

    As your business grows you don’t have to worry about whether to take on additional staff. By using our service we will provide you with a unit price for processing your work.


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