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Blocks Online Software

The Block Management module provides all of the finance and accounting functions necessary to manage your buildings in an efficient manner. Our user-friendly software makes managing properties a seamless and easy process for managing agents. Having multiple blocks to manage and organise paperwork for can be time consuming and overwhelming.

By utilising our software, managing agents and property management companies can keep details, data and documents all in one place. The information is always easily accessible for the leaseholder through an online portal anywhere there is an internet connection. Due to the software being in the cloud, managing blocks has never been more straightforward.

Our Software

The software has full back up with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, so despite documents being on the cloud, important data cannot be lost, unlike paper versions. This also means that you don’t have to pay for any additional technical equipment, just simply use our software at Blocks Online and you can manage all your blocks, regardless of how many there are.

Organising payments and managing finances can all be done in one place, resulting in less stress for managing agents. The software clearly unifies all the information about your blocks and landlords, so you know who needs to make a payment and any repairs that need implementing.

Affordable Software For Managing Agents And Property Management Companies

The pricing of our software is kept affordable, making it accessible to all managing agents and property management companies. If you opt for our software, you will pay a fixed fee monthly, which will depend on the size of your business. We have kept payments simple, by not making you pay for extras when you purchase our service. What’s more, you can add as many users to your account as possible, including your employees, without adding any additional charges.

At Blocks Online, we won’t tie you into a long-term contract, so you can use the software for the period of time that suits you. If you decide to leave, you simply pay monthly until you leave and then you won’t be faced with any further charges. We are transparent in our services and never hide anything from our customers.

What Makes Our Software Different?

As well as flexible payments that don’t include a large up-front cost, you also don’t have to pay for a licence or new technical kit; you will only pay for the service that you use. If our software has an upgrade, we won’t charge our customers for the new version.

By using our software, you are enabling your business to win more business, due to the streamlined business process you can produce and the improvement in efficiency. By using our property management software, you are able to spend more time on other aspects of your business and less time working on admin tasks or organising your paperwork.

If you require any further information about our property management software or you would like to get your business setup, get in touch with our team. We can answer any queries or questions you have and find you the perfect payment plan to suit your business


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