Leaseholder Portal

We aim to make block management as easy as possible for all of our managing agents, leaseholders and property owners, so as part of our services, we provide an online property management portal. This allows account holders to access key information and tools relating to the running of their property, including documentation, problem reporting, and email receipts. Our leaseholder portal is incredibly easy to use and can be incredibly helpful to all of our customers, no matter if they are an agent or a leaseholder.

We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive and convenient service to every client, so you can access our property management portal anywhere. As it is an online portal, all you need is an internet connection and then you can manage your properties or multiple branches wherever you are. As well as the ability to keep track of multiple properties and manage finances from one central location, you can be sure that security is no obstacle. No matter the device you are logging in from, all data will be stored securely and automatically backed up for your peace of mind.

If you need more information about our property management portal, here is a breakdown of the key features.

The Leaseholder Portal Home Page

The home page is laid out in a very user-friendly way, with information set in individual blocks for easy reading. This will show you agent contact details as well as contact details for issues relating to the property management portal. You will also be able to see agent messages and notifications, the balance left to pay on rent or services charges and details of your last payment. This is a hub of key information that is accessible for all users, so you will be able to find everything you are looking for right here.

portal homepage

My Account

Along the top of the page, you will see a selection of buttons. One is ‘My Account’, and this will take you to a screen where you can see all information relating to your financial account. You will be able to see everything about your remaining balance, past payments, admin charges and refunds, so if you need to access your finances, this is the section of the leaseholder portal to use.

my account portal


In order to make notifications easy to see and read, we have added a noticeboard to the leaseholder portal. This can be found under the ‘Messages’ button, and it is the ideal facility to make and receive posts between agents and leaseholders or property owners. You can sort the messages by type – agent messages, posts, or tickets – making it easy for you to find what you are looking for, or search if there is something specific you want to read. You can also add comments against posts or read other comments and archive notifications to keep your inbox tidy. This is the perfect tool to stay in the loop with everything that is going on with your property and directly raise any issues.

portal noticeboard

Report A Problem

If you encounter a problem with your property, we have provided a simple way for you to submit issues to the agent. Simply use the orange ‘Report A Problem’ button in the top right of the property management portal to raise a problem directly. Your agent may also have the ticketing module enabled so you can see all of the problems that have been reported, the status of the problems, and any updates on the action being taken. You can use the search bar to filter through tickets in the leaseholder portal to find the one you need, as well as add comments if necessary.

report a problem page


Agents are likely to want to share documentation with you, so we have added the ‘Documents’ section to the property management portal to provide you with access to any relevant documentation. Your agent can add documents at any time so each entry includes a posted date, allowing you to see the most recent addition.

portal documents page

My Preferences

To help you personalise your experience with the property management portal, we have included a ‘My Preferences’ section. In here, you can customise your notification preferences, emails, the way in which you receive receipts and more. We want you to have the best experience possible whilst still being able to access all of the information you need, so you can tailor certain elements to suit you.

preferences portal page

If you need any more information about our leaseholder portal or our other block management systems, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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