Effective Credit Control 

    Unfortunately, there are a number of leaseholders that fail to pay their bills efficiently on time, which is why we offer a Credit Control module. This consists of multiple things, with our credit control reminder letters and standard credit control letters providing particularly effective in the credit control process.

    The credit control module itself enables Managing Agents and Property Management Companies to keep on top of the non-payers and generate credit control reminder letters (as well as other equally effective credit control letters where appropriate) and keep track of the status of every case.

    If you are looking to obtain a real-time view of any outstanding payments, as well as having an easy way to prioritise debts and chase the late-paying owners, this module is well-suited to you. What’s more, our multi-service block management software allows you to save time on chasing late payments and streamline cash collection performance.

    Credit Control Cases

    Identify non-payers
    Track communication history
    Record payment plans
    Monitor cases

    Credit Control Cases

    Being able to record all contact that you have with leaseholders in one place, including phone calls, emails and even letters, allows you to keep an accurate log of every interaction. This means that you can provide evidence of requesting payments, which will include the time and date.


    Status Tracking

    Status tracking allows Managing Agents and Property Management Companies to keep an eye on the status of the leaseholder and where they are with their payments, allowing them to implement a procedure to retrieve payments.


    Credit Control Reminder Letters

    Produce reminder letters
    Utilise standard templates
    Save correspondence
    Bulk production tools

    Reminder Letters

    As part of our credit control module, we are able to produce and send credit control reminder letters, standard credit control letters which enables effective credit control letter management. These are provided for service charge debts and available for ground rent arrears. The software ensures that all letters are stored as PDF files, so if you need evidence of sending the credit control letters that you have sent, you can find these files for future reference. Reminder letters have proven to be an effective way of getting your leaseholders to make payments on time or to chase the ones that are overdue.


    Bulk Create Credit Control Cases

    Due to our advanced and flexible software, here at Blocks Online we are able to produce credit control cases and effective credit control letters. These letters are based on the criteria from the client, including level of arrears and how many days overdue their payment the leaseholders are. From here, the credit control letters will be created accordingly and sent to the correct recipient.


    Workflow Management

    Daily to-do list
    Automatic updates of cases
    Legal steps tracking
    Track payment plans

    Daily Actions

    When you utilise our credit control module via our software, every day the cases that are being chased that day will be listed for you to clearly see. Payment history can be easily understood, due to the layout and accessibility on our module.

     Automatic Updates

    When a payment is received from a leaseholder, the credit control case will be automatically updated. When any arrears are cleared, the case will be closed immediately, allowing you to focus on the other cases instead.


    Payment Plans

    Payment plans allow leaseholders to organise their payments better, making it easier for them to pay on time. When a payment plan is agreed between yourself and your leaseholder, a case can be created so you can keep a record on what has been agreed. Every time a payment is made, the case will be updated, so you know that you don’t have to take any further action. If a payment is missed, you will be prompted, so you can act where appropriate.

    Legal Tracking

    In the case that the leaseholder doesn’t clear their arrears, our credit control module allows Managing Agents and Property Management Companies to track any legal steps that are being taken.

    If you would like to find out more information about our credit control module and our software, get in touch with a member of our team, today.


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