We are pleased to announce that the mechanism for publishing tickets has been updated to provide greater control of your communication with leaseholders. No longer are tickets only Unpublished or Published …. There is now the facility to give each ticket its own unique Visibility. Tickets can have a visibility of: • UNPUBLISHED – The…

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    To head up the next stage of Blocks Online’s growth Dominic Jackson has been appointed as its new Managing Director. Dominic has many years of experience in the IT marketplace both as a senior executive and also working as a consultant and in recent times has been involved with growing Software as a Service (SaaS)…

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    Distribution Manager

    The Distribution Manager is the new means to control the distribution of documents to leaseholders. Through the Distribution Manager you can: View your pdf documents and print them on your local printer Send documents to leaseholders via email (if you are using the Leaseholder Portal) Use Blocks Online’s Desktop Mailing service to print and post…

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    Agent access to Blocks Online

    Access to the Blocks Online system is via the ‘Login’ option on the Blocks Online web-site – Alternatively you can access the site directly via the domain (Before using the system, users should allow ‘pop-ups’ through their web browser for the Blocks Online web-site.) The system itself is divided into two distinct areas: The Workbench…

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