Streamlining Block Management with Comprehensive Financial Tools

Blocks Online stands out as a game-changer, offering a comprehensive system designed to support all essential financial management activities required to administer service charges and ground rents. Let’s delve into the features of streamlining block management with comprehensive financial tools for property managers.

Financial Management Made Easy: The Blocks Online system is a powerhouse when it comes to handling the financial intricacies of block management. From demands and receipts to supplier invoices and bank transactions, the platform streamlines every aspect of financial management with efficiency and precision.

Service Charge Demands and Ground Rents: The system facilitates the seamless preparation of service charge demands and ground rents, ensuring compliance with legislative requirements. Using template layouts, all demands are prepared with precision, reflecting the platform’s commitment to user compliance.

Leaseholder Management: Blocks Online provides an array of tools for managing leaseholders effectively. From issuing ad-hoc invoices to recording leaseholder payments and generating leaseholder statements, the system ensures a user-friendly experience for property managers.

Annual Budgeting: The platform’s financial capabilities extend to the creation of annual budgets. Users can record a new budget each year, utilising an extensive list of finance categories to ensure a comprehensive and accurate financial overview.

Budget Certificates: With Blocks Online, generating pre-formatted budget certificates is a breeze. These certificates can be printed and sent to leaseholders along with their demands, providing transparency and clarity in financial matters.

Real-Time Financial Information: Stay on top of your finances with real-time information. The system maintains service charges and reserve fund balances in real-time, offering property managers accurate insights into the financial health of the managed blocks.

Multi-Schedule Blocks: Whether managing blocks with a single payment schedule or multiple schedules, Blocks Online adapts to the unique needs of each property. This flexibility ensures that the platform is suitable for a wide range of block management scenarios.

Third-Party and Ad-Hoc Demands: In addition to catering to leaseholders, Blocks Online allows property managers to raise demands for non-leaseholders, such as landlords. Ad-hoc charges, such as key replacement fees, can also be efficiently handled within the system.

Blocks Online emerges as a leading solution in the field of block management, offering a suite of financial management tools that simplify and enhance the entire process. From legislative compliance in demand preparation to real-time financial information and multi-schedule block management, the platform is designed to empower property managers with efficiency and control.

Experience the transformative power of Blocks Online and elevate your block management practices. With a commitment to compliance, transparency, and user-friendly features, this system sets a new standard for financial management in the property industry. Visit to discover how Blocks Online can revolutionise your approach to block management today.


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