Revolutionising Property Management with a Unified Approach

A Unified Repository for Property Management:

Blocks Online serves as a single repository for all critical aspects of property management, bringing together diverse functionalities under one user-friendly umbrella.

Insurance Policy Tracking: Managing insurance policies is simplified with Blocks Online. The platform allows you to record details of various insurance policies, from buildings to directors and officers (D&O) insurance. Key documents can be uploaded, ensuring that all essential information is easily accessible.

Insurance Reminders: Blocks Online takes the hassle out of policy renewals with automated reminders. Receive timely notifications when insurance policies are due for renewal, complete with follow-up actions that need to be taken. This feature ensures that your properties are consistently covered and compliant.

Health and Safety Reporting: Keep crucial health and safety reports securely stored within Blocks Online. From fire risk assessments to asbestos surveys and legionella reports, the platform provides a centralised location for all documentation, promoting organisation and accessibility.

Companies House Records: Maintain accurate Companies House records effortlessly with Blocks Online. This includes shareholder and director details, with the added benefit of receiving reminders for the submission of Annual Returns and company accounts. Stay on top of regulatory requirements with ease.

Efficient Asset Management:

In addition to these critical functionalities, Blocks Online enhances asset management for property professionals.

Asset Details: Keep a comprehensive record of all key information about your buildings. Access details, location of utilities, lift details, and estate layout – Blocks Online serves as a digital repository for all essential asset details.

On-Site Access: Enjoy the flexibility of updating key asset information on-site via smart devices or printing detailed reports with all the necessary details. This feature empowers property managers with real-time access to vital asset information.

Blocks Online stands as a transformative force in property management, offering a unified platform that simplifies and enhances essential tasks. From insurance tracking and health and safety reporting to efficient Companies House record-keeping and comprehensive asset management, the platform is designed to streamline operations and boost efficiency.

Experience the revolution in property management with Blocks Online. Visit to discover how this unified solution can elevate your property management practices, providing a seamless and intuitive experience for property professionals.


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