The Great Migration To Comprehensive Cloud-Based Landlord Software

A landlord, block or property manager’s position has a wide-ranging scope. So no two days are ever going to be the same in this high-pressure position and sometimes the list of tasks never seems to end. Essentially, the mission is to ensure that a particular property or block and its grounds are kept in good order on behalf of the owners. So there is often a need to negotiate between landlord and other stakeholders, like leaseholders’, conflicting interests. All while organising expenditure in line with Government industry regulations.

Without efficient property management software in place, it is easy to see how overburdened management teams can start to make mistakes. But, missing something as simple as an insurance renewal or a Fire Risk Assessment can have enormous economic consequences for interested parties. So with such a high volume of crucial data to keep on top of, a property manager must have the best equipment available to them to minimise any potential risk.

Fortunately, landlord software has taken great strides forward in recent years. Our recent landlord software developments enable easy 24/7 remote access to comprehensive Cloud-based workflow systems with straightforward user interfaces for block and property management teams. Using these updated methods has proven to be more task-effective and more cost-efficient. So, it is a crucial step forward for any property management business that is still reliant on older outdated methods.

Blocks Online offer several remote access workflow solutions through a selection of time-effective and compliance-focused features. These include around the clock access to block management and leaseholder portals, as well as ticketing and credit control functions. Data can be imported using easy an easy migration system and there is no minimum contract length. Our system is easy to set up and data is fully backed up to the Cloud.

Blocks Online client Vestra Property Management’s mission is to redefine the property management industry expectations and become the first choice partner of all freeholders and leaseholders. They wanted a solution that enabled stronger communication between their property managers and freeholders and leaseholders. So, their expert team opted to use Blocks Online following a review of several different solutions and remain impressed with the ongoing positive impact that our software has had on their team’s efficiency.

Vestry Property Management’s Managing Director Glen Tilley said, “The productivity amongst our property managers has significantly increased due to our customers utilising the leaseholder portal to enhance communication and the built-in automation of tasks meaning that they can manage their day to day workload more effectively. We’re now in a position where we’re looking into taking on more properties to manage, Blocks Online’s flexibility means we’ll have no problems with the management as we scale the business.”

When it comes to managing a portfolio of properties, there is no margin for error. By deciding to implement our smart remote software systems, block and property management teams are positioned to achieve outstanding ongoing results. Contact us now for a free service demonstration and begin your transition to our remote access interfaces today.


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