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Vestra Property Management Limited is a Managing Agent providing all aspects of the day-to-day management of a portfolio of blocks across England. We spoke to Glen Tilley, Vestra’s Managing Director, to find out why they chose Blocks Online and how it has benefited their business.

The challenge

“Vestra Property Management Limited manages over 1000 leasehold and freehold units across 35 blocks. As a growing company, it was important for us to have the right system in place to be able to efficiently manage their data and provide a high level of service to our customers.

Having had experience of several other software systems which felt outdated, slow and lacked a logical flow we knew we needed a more robust and easier to use solution that would have the functionality and flexibility needed to support our business growth.”

The solution

After reviewing various property management software solutions, Vestra Property Management Limited selected Blocks Online as their solution provider.

“The system demonstration we received from Blocks Online was very detailed, it showed that their software ticked the boxes of what we needed a new system to do. The depth of the system also reassured us that it would be a long-term solution and support our business growth.

We’ve been able to utilise the comprehensive workflow functionality of the system which has simplified issuing service charge and ground rent demands, recording leaseholder funds and tracking expenditure on supplier invoices.

The integrated nature of the Blocks Online software has made work management and the raising of maintenance tickets, tracking of insurance and health & safety and credit control functions easier to manage and assign to the appropriate team members in our business.

In addition, their leaseholder portal has enabled us to give our customers access to information about their account online and also receive real-time updates on the status of maintenance work, either via the portal or email.

The set-up process was simple, and it wasn’t long at all before all our team members using Blocks Online were able to fully understand and begin using it to help our customers.”

The outcome

“Blocks Online’s biggest return on investment is the amount of time it’s saved us. Its ease of use, comprehensive and integrated workflow functionality with everything accessible, anytime, anywhere means it does everything we need and importantly ensures we’re compliant.

The productivity amongst our property managers has significantly increased due to our customers utilising the leaseholder portal to enhance communication and the built-in automation of tasks meaning that they are able to manage their day to day workload more effectively.

We’re now in a position where we’re looking into taking on more properties to manage, Blocks Online’s flexibility means we’ll have no problems with the management as we scale the business.

Blocks Online really listen to customer feedback and look at their customers’ needs to investigate how Blocks Online can help and do more. The software works very well and I’ve been really impressed by the quality of support that they provide.”


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