Why Should Managing Agents Consider Block Management Software?

If you are busy managing a block of apartments in Cardiff, then you’ll know first-hand how busy and complex that role is. If you have a portfolio of properties across the city, then you multiply the hassle factor hugely.

There are so many different aspects to being a managing agent. You have all the finance to keep track of, leaseholders to look after, new customers to impress plus the usual raft of property maintenance issues, fire safety, and health and safety.

Why can Block Management Software help?

Block Management Software is designed to be the managing agent’s, right-hand man. Seamless and cloud-based, look after one apartment block or numerous blocks in locations across Cardiff, with perfect dovetailing, avoiding unnecessary repetition with quick and real-time overviews to facilitate hands-on and responsive management.

Block management software from Blocks Online has a suite of financial functions so you can issue invoices for ground rent and service charges, keep track of money held for leaseholders and monitor expenses. However, block management software is so much more than an accounting package for managing agents.

Manage Detail and the Bigger Picture

Block management is a daily raft of minute detail and strategic bird’s eye management. It is also a very diverse role. Block management software from Blocks Online allows you to manage the detail and the bigger picture, operating on all levels so you can be effective and efficient without ever feeling that your block management is taking over or out of control.

Easy Access

Completely cloud-based, access your data securely and from any location 24/7. This intuitive package is easy to use and leaseholders can also access information including seeing their demands and payment records and also send and receive communication to and from the agents through an online portal.

Business Efficiency and Potential

Blocks Online block management software saves time and makes managing multiple blocks efficient and easy. The suite of functions allows you to allocate tasks across multiple properties with a bird’s eye view which is also detailed enough to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Comprehensive financial reporting allows you to keep track of numbers and manage cash flow so that money management is as effortless as actual building management. This allows you to take on more properties which can be seamlessly added to your portfolio. Blocks Online block management software is also an impressive selling point when it comes to impressing new clients.

Blocks Online software is cost-effective and absent expensive upgrades and license fees, unlike competing products. It is secure and totally cloud-based, and you can sign for as long as you want with flexible contract terms available. Join the block management revolution and manage your Cardiff apartments efficiently and easily.


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