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We are pleased to announce that the as part of our block management software, our mechanism for publishing tickets has been updated to provide greater control of your communication with leaseholders.

No longer are tickets only Unpublished or Published …. There is now the facility to give each ticket its own unique Visibility. Tickets can have a visibility of:

visable to drop down menu

• UNPUBLISHED – The ticket is only visible to your company employees and is not visible to leaseholders. This is the same as the previous Unpublished status

• BLOCK – The ticket is visible to all Block leaseholders. This is the same as the previous Published status

• UNIT – The ticket is visible to the leaseholder(s) of the Unit recorded against the ticket and Management Team members, but is not visible to any other unit

• MANAGEMENT – The ticket is visible to Management Team members only; the ticket is not visible to other leaseholders.

Through the Leaseholder Portal leaseholders can also now add a comment to the ticket.

reporting a problem menu

Combined together these new features give you a greatly improved way of communicating with your leaseholders.


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