Property Management Efficiency with Blocks Online

As a leading provider of comprehensive and fully integrated web-based software, Blocks Online is dedicated to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of property management, particularly in handling large workloads for Property Management Companies and Residential Managing Agents.

Streamlining Workload Management


Efficient Task Automation

Blocks Online’s software offers robust automation capabilities, allowing property managers to automate and simplify daily tasks such as scheduling maintenance, tracking service charges and ground rent payments, and managing lease information.

Enhanced Maintenance Management

The software enables property managers to efficiently create work orders, track maintenance requests, and schedule repairs, ensuring timely resolution of issues and increasing property owner satisfaction.

Financial Management and Reporting

With built-in accounting tools, our software simplifies financial management by generating detailed financial reports, facilitating informed decision-making and efficient financial planning.

Effective Communication and Accountability


Owner-Agent Communication

Blocks Online’s software offers diverse communication channels, including messaging, email, and announcements, enabling seamless communication between property owners and managing agents.

Centralised Information Storage

The software provides a centralised platform for storing essential data, such as lease information, and maintenance records, enhancing accountability and facilitating easy access to critical information.

Leveraging Technology for Efficiency


Remote Property Management

Property managers can efficiently manage properties remotely through Blocks Online’s property management software, accessing real-time data and updates to make informed decisions without being physically present at the property.

Enhanced Productivity

The portal’s accessibility and real-time updates increase property managers’ productivity and reduce the influx of calls and emails.

Blocks Online’s software is designed to optimise workload management, streamline operations, and enhance overall efficiency for Property Management Companies and Residential Managing Agents. With its comprehensive automation, streamlined maintenance management, and robust communication capabilities, Blocks Online sets the standard for excellence in property management software.

For more information about Blocks Online’s property management software and to explore its transformative potential in handling large workloads, feel free to get in touch with our expert team and request a free demo today.


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