The main role of a property manager is to maintain a portfolio of properties, which may be a large block of flats or several houses. An experienced manager has the necessary knowledge and contacts to help their clients navigate the legal requirements of their property. They can also negotiate on their behalf, helping their clients retain the value of their assets and maximize their income streams.

Due to the rising cost of living and increased legislative requirements, the residential property management industry in the UK is now more challenging than ever. This is why it is important that the managers have the necessary skills and knowledge to handle the various tasks involved in maintaining a portfolio.

Through its remote access software, Block Online allows property managers to manage their properties from anywhere. It features a customer-centric approach that is built on years of industry knowledge.

 Blocks Online delivers a safe and secure service and offers a competitive monthly payment plan. We work with some of the best providers in the industry and can help you with your data transfer. 

As a proud partner of the RICS and ARMA, Block Online is able to provide the highest levels of professionalism and support to the residential property management industry. This is done through our work with both the industry’s leading trade associations.

With the help of Block Online, businesses can keep up with the latest legislation and improve their operations by efficiently managing their day-to-day activities.

If you would like to discuss your estate property management requirements or have a free demonstration, please contact us.


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