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Lornham was founded in 2012 and as well as being a leading residential property consultancy they provide a highly personalised block management service through an experienced team based in Central London. Rupert Wertheimer who is one of the director’s explains why they use Blocks Online.

The challenge

“Having significantly grown our block management business and managing the various moving parts of the operation on a day to day basis with a range of different software tools we wanted to find a more holistic solution that enabled us to manage everything under one system.”

The solution

After looking at a number of software solutions, Lornham decided that Blocks Online would be a good fit for them.

“Blocks Online’s comprehensive property management process functionality was a key reason behind our decision to use the switch systems. It has great financial and accounting capability and coupled with its best practice workflow design means we can manage all of our block management services using one reliable and integrated system.”

The system is intuitive and enables us to keep on top of all our day to day activities and basically tells us when we need to action various items like issuing service charge and ground rent demands or dealing with insurance renewals and also has made it very easy to deal with maintenance and work management of our blocks by utilising the integrated ticketing functionality.

While the software is pretty intuitive and easy to use there is an excellent support team who are knowledgeable about block management and are responsive and always willing to provide assistance when required.”

The outcome

“Choosing Blocks Online has proven to be extremely beneficial to our business, we always strive to provide an excellent service to our clients and by utilising the software we have been able to improve our workflow effectiveness, enhance our communication with clients and have increased our productivity by around 30%.”


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