Block Property Management Chester

Our software makes property management easier for both property management companies and managing agents. It allows them to keep track of all their blocks and keep everything in one place. Having software that can retain data and allow you to keep up with everything is a dream for any managing agent.

One of the leading providers of property management software in the industry, our technical software is commonly sought after due to its ease of use. The Software as a Service model, which is a transformational innovation for the SME market, has been proven to reduce complexity and improve efficiency for property management companies.

  • The ability to manage finances, organise payments and invoices all in one place.
  • Keep track of multiple properties in a central place to never miss a thing.
  • Use the software anywhere, any time and on any device.
  • Store all data in a secure space which gets backed up for your peace of mind.
  • We keep our prices competitive to make managing numerous accounts possible.

Our Block Property Management software supports all of the essential activities related to the management of ground rents and service charges. These include the production of demands, the processing of supplier invoices, and the recording of bank account transactions.

The document repository and diary management functions allow property managers to keep track of all their health and safety assessments, insurance renewal, and Companies House reports.

The ticket module allows property managers to keep track of all their building works, maintenance, and finance activities. It can also be used by any member of staff to keep track of their work and perform an audit of their actions.

Effective Credit Control

Due to the increasing number of leaseholders who fail to pay their bills on time, we have developed a credit control module that can help them manage their debtors more effectively. This includes various things such as credit control reminder letters.

The credit control module can help property management companies and managing agents keep track of the various non-paying tenants. It can also generate credit control reminders and keep a record of the status of each case.

  • Credit Control Cases
  • Credit Control Reminder Letters
  • Workflow Management

Regardless of which module you choose, you can be sure that Blocks Online will deliver a safe and secure service. The company’s system is easy to use and comes with a competitive price. If you would like to see how we can help you, please contact us.


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