Block Management Software For Managing Agents London

Since 2013, Blocks Online has been providing a well-rounded solution for property managers and owners who require a well-functioning and cost-effective software solution for their operations. There was a gap in the market when it came to providing a comprehensive service to the property management industry, and our founders decided to create a new company to fill this gap.

The goal of our software is to make the property management industry as simple and seamless as possible. It was designed to help both property managers and owners keep their operations running smoothly. Having the necessary tools and data to manage their various blocks is what every managing agent dreams of.

Unlike other property management software companies, we charge a fee based on the functionality that you need, and we continue to improve and enhance our platform to meet your needs.

Block Management Software

The system supports the various financial activities that are required to manage ground rents and service charges. These include the production of demands, processing of invoices, and recording transactions in bank accounts.

The system’s template layouts ensure that the demands are designed to comply with the legislative requirements.

It provides a document repository and diary management system that supports the management of health and safety reports, insurance renewals, and company filings.

Our block management software that we provide is a time-saving way for Managing Agents to ensure that the management of blocks runs as seamlessly as possible. With the use of an online portal, leaseholders can access their details anywhere with internet connection, allowing them to manage outgoings and payments with ease.


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