Block Management in Manchester Made Easy with Blocks Online

If you are an agent looking to get into block management in Manchester, this is the article for you. Here we will look at what block management is, what block management agents are responsible for, and then talk specifically about block management in Manchester.

What is block management?

People need places to live, and often they cannot afford to buy their own properties, so they have to rent. Many rental properties are owned by leaseholders and built-in blocks, and these blocks need to be properly managed. That’s where a block management agent comes in, and it is their responsibility to take care of all aspects of managing the residential properties in blocks.

What is a block management agent responsible for?

If you are an agent responsible for block management in Manchester, these are the main things you will be doing:

  • Service Management – in any leasehold apartment complex, all shared space areas will need to be maintained. This can include regular maintenance such as tending to the garden, but it can also include more urgent matters like repairing broken lifts.
  • Insurance and Claims – it’s crucial to ensure all your clients are fully protected, and it will be your responsibility to renew all insurance cover and process any claims.
  • Site Visits – rather than waiting until your residents report problems, it is better to make regular site visits so you can spot problems early and address them.
  • Health & Safety Compliance – residents have a right to live in an environment that minimises their health and safety risks. For example, if the lifts are broken, and the stairs are in a dangerous state, somebody will likely have an accident. It’s your responsibility to ensure all the facilities meet the health and safety regulations so that all the residents can live in a safe environment.
  • Accounts – managing residential property often involves hiring contractors for critical jobs such as garden maintenance or plumbing. These contractors will need to be paid. Also, you will need to ensure service charges are collected from the leaseholders.

Block management in Manchester

Property construction and investment are on the rise in Manchester. A lot of money is being invested in various property development projects around Greater Manchester, with more residential blocks than ever before.

If you are an agent looking to get into block management in Manchester, or if you are already managing properties and want to streamline the process, we have the ideal solution for you. Block management software can make the whole process easier, and Blocks Online is one of the best available.

All you need is a computer with an internet connection, and you’re good to go. No need to install any software as it’s all completely web-based. It streamlines the whole process of managing your blocks, including easily processing all payments.

And it’s not only for managing existing clients but will also help you gain more clients. And what is more, because it’s all online, you can access it at any time or day of the week, making it ideal for block managers who work outside of normal office hours.

So, if you are looking to make the process of block management in Manchester easier, take a look at Blocks Online. You won’t be disappointed.




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