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Streamlining Your Block Management Software

Managing volumes of properties or blocks efficiently can be extremely hard work and demands excellent attention to detail, even at the quietest of times. Fortunately, recent years have seen great overall advancements in automated customer relationship management, contractor management and scheduled reminder systems. But these systems all too often require users to download bulky localised software, input data to multiple sources and undergo additional training sessions. Invariably, this cumbersome additional work can lead to unintended discrepancies and can result in more frequent costly errors. So, it is absolutely worthwhile investing in the best block management software available now.

What Are The Benefits?

Blocks Online have been operating since 2013 to efficiently combine all of your management software requirements in one place. Their comprehensive digital system was developed to allow property and block managers to streamline their workflows, giving them access to virtually everything that they need via a single secure online login. Not only is this software available around the clock, but it also comes with a user-friendly interface and migration assistance. This allows users to get up and running within as little as 48 hours. So, on-call managers can access their database from anywhere via a Cloud-based system, rather than heading back into the office.

Once up and running, managers are able to gain access to quick and legislation-friendly data processing from a single entry point. Managers will also be able to track health and safety report timelines, as well as being able to automate reminders for insurance renewals and company account due dates. Additional outputs include automated financial reports, service charge and ground rent demands, annual statements and contractor ticketing. This takes the guesswork out of management and help everyone to stay easily in line with best practices.

Taking Care Of Your Leaseholders

To further spare managers from unnecessary tasks, lessees can also gain access to an online portal of their own. Here they can review recent building notices, service charge and ground rent statements, shared management documents and payments. This saves staff from having to send chases and responses, as the information is already there. It also gives leaseholders better visibility on management activity, removing the potential for any nasty surprises. For those leaseholders who are behind on their payments, property managers may also benefit from the use of the credit-control module. This streamlines the late payment process and ensures that demand letters are sent correctly and on time.


It is easy to see how migrating to this easy access management system is beneficial in the long run for all involved. A streamlined workflow system can reduce stress levels and enables more efficient communication across the board. But most importantly, it eliminates the potential for unnecessary error that comes with multiple data entry points and it allows staff to operate remotely when needed. This can quickly save all involved both time and money in the longer term. With Block Online you can create instant efficiencies quickly, easily and securely, and all at once.


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