More and more often leaseholders are asking for information… and they want it electronically. Through the Leaseholder Portal they can choose to receive their demands via email, view their account online, report problems and share a noticeboard with other residents. And Property Managers can use the information from the professional property management portal as part of our block management software to publish updates to their leaseholders.

    Professional Property Management Portal


    My Account

    Agent-branded portal
    Leaseholder statement
    Access to historic demands
    View account balance
    Maintain contact details

    Agent-branded portal
    Leaseholders have 24 x 7 access to their account through the professional property management Portal, branded with your logo. And, if you wish, you can put a link on your web-site to the Portal to make access easier for your leaseholders.

    Contact details
    Leaseholders have access to their agent’s contact details and can maintain their own email and telephone number contact details.

    Email demands
    Leaseholders can choose to receive their demands via email and download any historic service charge or ground rent demand.

    Up-to-date statement
    Through the professional property management Portal, leaseholders can generate an up-to-date statement of their account.


    Publish notices
    PM over-sight

    Block noticeboard
    A noticeboard is available for all leaseholders in the block to share information and thoughts with other property owners. Leaseholders can post notices and add comments to each other’s notices.

    Property Manager updates
    Whenever new notices and comments are added to the noticeboard, the Property Manager is sent an email with the relevant details. In this way the PM remains aware of what is happening in their block.

    A user can report any notice or comment which they believe is inappropriate. A property manager has full control of posted comments and they can remove any offensive posts if they deem it inappropriate.

     Report a problem

    Report problems online
    Leaseholder updates

    Report a problem
    Leaseholders can report a problem with their property at any time of the day or night through the professional property management portal. They no longer have to call their PM if there is an issue they wish to report.

    * Integration with the Ticket Module
    By taking the Ticket module, a new ticket will be created whenever a problem is reported. As work is undertaken on the ticket, members of staff have the option to post comments back to leaseholders. In this way, leaseholders are kept updated on the actions you are taking.

     Other functions

    Access to key documents
    Communication preferences

    Key documents
    Leaseholders can view insurance policies, service charge accounts, house rules, AGM minutes and other similar documents that are published to them.

    Demands preferences
    Leaseholders can choose to receive their demands via email or in printed form.

    Leaseholders can choose to have a receipt emailed to them whenever they make a payment.

    * Integration with the Ticket Module
    By taking the Ticket module, leaseholders can choose which type of email updates they receive regarding tickets.


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