Block Management in London Made Quicker and Easier With Blocks Online

If you want to do block management in London, you are definitely in the right place. Here we look at why London is such an excellent city to get into the property management business and then look at a tool you can use to make the whole process much easier.

Block management in London

According to the UK Government’s Office for National Statistics, London has over 1.2 million residential flats, maisonettes and apartments. This makes it an ideal location to get into the property management business. But if you are going to do block management in London effectively, you need a great tool to help streamline all your essential property management tasks.

Block management software

Blocks Online is a web-based integrated suite of tools to make the whole process of block management quicker and easier. It is user-friendly and doesn’t require any software to be installed on your computer. All you need is an internet connection, and you can get up and running managing your blocks from any location, making it ideal for busy property managers who might work unusual hours.

You can use the software to:

  • Issue round rent demands and service charges
  • Record leaseholder funds
  • Raise invoices and keep track of spending

What makes Blocks Online the ideal software for block management?

There are countless reasons why Blocks Online is the best choice to help you with block management in London. These include:

  • Easy to set up – gone are the days of installing software on your computer and getting a specialist to help you get set up. With Blocks Online, it’s all web-based, so all you need to do is sign up and start entering your property details.
  • Easy to use – you don’t need to do any expensive training courses to learn how to use Blocks Online. It’s been designed to be user-friendly, so the learning curve is extremely quick and easy. Yet it has powerful features, making it ideal for busy property managers with many properties to take care of.
  • Use it anywhere – when you manage many properties, you will be on the move a lot. Thankfully, you can use Blocks Online anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Full backup – whenever you use a computer for anything important, backup is essential. If you were using software installed on your computer, you would need to organise your own backups. But with Blocks Online, all your important data is fully backed up to the cloud daily. This is one less thing for you to worry about, leaving you to get on with managing your properties.
  • Free updates – some software programs charge extra to upgrade to new versions. Since Blocks Online is entirely web-based, all upgrades are included as part of your standard subscription cost. It also means that as soon as a new version is released, you will get to use it immediately.
  • Flexible payment options – if you don’t need to use the whole suite of tools, you don’t have to pay for everything. With Blocks Online, you only pay for the functions you need. Also, there are no hidden extras on top of your regular monthly payments.

So, there you go. If you want to get into block management in London, look no further than Blocks Online. You will save yourself a lot of time and hassle.


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