Looking After Your Estate and Management Of Common Areas

It is in the best interest of tenants, property management teams and landlords to ensure that estates are kept safe, secure and pleasant. But in the UK, optimising the use of a large residential or commercial estate and management of common areas is multi-faceted and can become a seemingly unending task. There are big potential returns to be uncovered for landlords and investors. But this also comes with a wide range of responsibilities, wide-ranging tasks and potential liability.

Effective estate management in its simplest form requires clear oversight of cleaning, repairs, grounds maintenance, parking and communal areas. This is achieved through everyday accounts management, leaseholder communications, contractor ticketing and financial reporting. Yet due to variations in all-important lease agreements, what is legally required in one block is not always applicable in another. With so many different areas to contend with, it is somewhat unsurprising that the service levels in the property management industry can vary so greatly.

Good block property management requires strong communication, administrative and organisational skills, as well as the capacity to negotiate in a friendly but firm way between interested parties. A strong contacts network, an understanding of the latest ever-changing legislation and years of experience as well as industry-specific accreditation are also of great benefit. But, we have found that using the right block property management software can be critical to financial success.

Your Estate and Management With Blocks Online

Thanks to our years of specialist experience, the award-winning team at Blocks Online has developed a comprehensive and fully integrated suite of specialist remote-access property management software. Mass data transfer, set-up, access, upgrades and regular back-ups are straightforward and swift. So, managing agents are able to issue legally compliant service charges, ground rent demands, track funds and raise invoices all from a single entry point and at speed.

Blocks Online software is now used to manage 100,000’s of properties throughout the UK. It is designed with your team in mind, significantly reducing the amount of excessive repetitive administrative work common among other suppliers. But, also streamlining workflows to significantly reduce the capacity for error and oversight, while simultaneously freeing up your team. So, you can uphold consistently higher service standards, significantly reduce excessive workloads and use that time where it is better spent in the longer term.

Our commercial partners include respected industry regulators RICS and ARMA, the leading professional body for residential managing agents in England and Wales. Plus, our happy clients are some of the leading names in the industry, such as residential property consultancy Lornham, the ever-expanding Vestra Property Management and The Urang Group. Urang Group Founder and MD, Paul Cleaver said: “Because it was designed by experienced property managers it means that the system is intuitive and easy to use and helps keep us compliant and up to date with relevant legal requirements.”

Because we are confident in our service standards and excellent returns, we offer flexible monthly payments, unlimited multi-user access and no minimum contract length as standard. Contact us today for your complimentary brochure and online demonstration.


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