Sadly not all leaseholders are quick to pay their bills. The Credit Control module helps you keep on top of the non-payers, generating reminder letters and keeping track of the status of every case.

    Credit Control Cases

    Identify non-payers
    Track communication history
    Record payment plans
    Monitor cases

    Credit Control Cases
    Record all contact with a leaseholder in one place, whether conversations that you have on the phone or emails and letters that are sent out. And all information is time-stamped so you keep an accurate log of every interaction.

    Status tracking
    Quickly understand whether leaseholders are in dispute, whether they have promised to pay their arrears at a future date or whether they have agreed a payment plan.

    Reminder letters

    Produce reminder letters
    Utilise standard templates
    Save correspondence
    Bulk production tools

    Reminder letters
    Standard first and second reminder letters are provided for service charge arrears and a single reminder letter is available for ground rent arrears. All letters are stored as PDF files for future reference.

    Bulk create credit control cases
    Through a single screen Blocks Online can generate credit control cases and reminder letters for a range of units based on criteria chosen by the user e.g. level of arrears, number of days past due date, etc.

    Work management

    Daily to-do list
    Automatic updates of cases
    Track payment plans

    Daily actions
    Every day when you access the credit control module you will see a list of cases to be chased that day. And you can access information relating to any particular unit to understand their payment history.

    Automatic updates
    Whenever a payment is received from a leaseholder the credit control case will be automatically updated … and if they have cleared their arrears then the case will be immediately closed so you can focus on the cases that need your attention.

    Payment Plans
    When a leaseholder agrees a payment plan you can create a case to record what has been agreed. Every time they make a payment the case is updated and you need take no further action. However, if a payment is missed then you will be prompted to take action.

    Legal tracking
    If a leaseholder does not clear their arrears then the credit control module can be used to track the legal steps being taken.



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